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School Information
 Postal add. : Sector III, B.H.E.L,
                     Hardwar - 249403
 Phone Nos. : 441364 (P&T)
                      4505 ( Sr. Wing )
                      3579 ( Jr. Wing )


' Service Before Self '

.........The 'motto' is a vivid reflection of the mettle that goes into making of an institution or organization. Our motto is a constant reminder that the welfare and safety of others always comes prior to our welfare and, comfort and safety. We must clearly understand the saying of Bible, "Thy need is greater than mine". We have always to be aware of that, "Service first and the self second, is a motto of good and fine. But let us have it well reckoned, the self is yours and never mine".

Dear Parent,
            In this age of highly advanced information technology and ever increasing competition the duties of parents and teachers towards children have assumed greater significance. President J.F. Kennedy once remarked, "A child misseducated is a child lost". I fully agree with him and finally believe that education implies total flowering of child's personality that is academic excellence coupled with excellence with in games and sports, co-curricular activities, moral values and sensitivities to the means of society, environment and fellow human beings.

             I am aware that it is a Herculean task which is possible only with the active and positive co-operation of parents. Hence, frequent interaction, both direct and indirect will be given priority. This website serves an extremely useful instrument of communication between teachers, students, school and parents. All matters related to system, teaching and teachers can be discussed in the personal meetings.

With warm regards, Your sincerely
K.C. Pandey
  * Statement taken from the School Almanac - 2000 - 2001
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